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Vascular FAQ


Is it a permanent treatment?

Heredity is an important factor in the development of spider veins and large varicosities. Any vein on the leg can, with time develop new spider complexes. By treating the underlying cause, you can reduce the recurrence to about 10 %.

How many treatments do you need?

Most patients with average spider vein complexes take an average of 3 sessions per leg. Depending on how complex the feeding veins are or if they involve large areas, 4-5 treatments may be required. Treatments are generally spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

How soon will I see results?

Initially the areas treated will appear worse. They may be bruised, darker or even have light brown pigment. All of these changes will resolve. The short time is 1 month, but improvements will continue over the next 3-6 months once all the feeding vessels have been stopped.

What are my limitations during treatment?

To limit staining and achieve the best cosmetic results we recommend no sun tanning, self-tanners, or tanning salons for 2 weeks prior and 4 weeks after treatment. You will need to wear support hose during the day for 7 days after the treatment. You should avoid exercise, with the exception of walking, for 7 days. You may go to work and drive immediately.

Will it hurt?

You may experience mild burning sensation for 10 – 15 minutes after the injection. You will be pain free before you leave the office. The injection are done using smallest needle, with most patients not noticing the injection.


What is ELAS?

ELAS is an acronym for Endoluminal Laser Ablation of the Saphenous vein. Light energy is utilized to stop the vein from leaking. This technique has replace traditional stripping of veins. It is done in the comfort of the office using a local anesthetic. There is no pain during the procedure.

Does it work?

ELAS is 98 % effective in resolving reflux problems. Once the leaking vein is “shut down” the remaining veins in the leg can now carry the blood out more efficiently.

Laser treatment for spider and facial veins

Does it hurt?

Most patients describe the sensation as a pinch or bee sting for less then a second. Ice is utilized during the procedure to relieve this sensation.

Does it work?

Laser works very well when used alone on facial veins and nasal veins. It is best used in conjunction with sclerotherapy on leg veins. On leg veins it should be considered an adjunct tool to more efficiently resolve spider veins.

Are lasers safe?

Precaution must be used with lasers. Most important is protective eyewear. Using the lowest settings to achieve the desired result. We follow all manufacturer’s and government guidelines for laser use.

Do I need the vein for bypass?

When veins are functioning properly they are used for bypass. Veins involved with varicosities are not working properly even as a conduit for bypass.


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