John J. Flanagan M.D., FACS

Dr. Flanagan is Board Certified in both general and vascular surgery. In practice since 1991, he is a Fellow of the American College of Surgery, and Director of Vascular Services at Mercy Suburban Hospital.

Dr. Flanagan maintains an active hospital practice in minimally invasive general thoracic surgery, at Mercy Suburban and Mongomery Hospital, which involves diagnostic procedures and treatment for benign and malignant disease, gallbladder surgery and hernia repair.

General surgery involves both minimally invasive and traditional procedures. Modern Technology has allowed the use of small cameras and instruments to evaluate and perform procedures. Called laparoscopic surgery, procedures for hernia repair, gallbladder surgery, and other interventions, can now be accomplished via small punctures instead of large incisions.

Dr, Flanagan is an expert in this very exciting technology. These techniques promise fast recovery and less post procedure discomfort.

Hernias are weak areas in the muscles where a protrusion or bulge can occur. The bulge can be anything from a piece of fatty tissue to a portion of the intestine. The lumps may present in groin, umbilicus, abdomen, or anywhere on the adominal wall that has been weakened from operative incision. Some hernias, such as hiatal hernia, are inside the abdomen and produce symptoms of acid reflux.


Traditionally, the skin and muscle would be exposed through an incision and sutured or sown together to repair the defect. Mesh material now allows hernia repair with less tension, which translates to less pain and a stronger repair.

The advent of laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery allows small punctures to replace incisions, thereby allowing faster and more comfortable recovery. Patients can return to normal routines faster. Dr. Flanagan has been performing laparoscopic hernia repairs since 1992 and is the leading surgeon at Mercy Suburban and Montgomery Hospital to offer this treatment.

This surgery is the same day and can be performed in the pleasant atmosphere of a Surgical Center like the Blue Bell Center or outpatient surgery at the hospital.

Dr. Flanagan also manages patients referred for wounds, skin lesions such as lipomas, cyst, or skin cancers such as basal cell cancer.

These procedures are performed either in the office or at the Blue Bell Surgical Center. No hospitalization is needed for treatment of these lesions.

Diagnosis and Treatment
of Diseases of the Chest

General Thoracic surgery involves both minimal invasive and traditional procedures to treat both non-cancerous and cancerous lesions in the chest. This is the area outside of the heart where the lungs are located.

Modern Technology has allowed the use of small cameras, similar to those used for gallbladder surgery, to evaluate and perform procedures which in the past required large painful incisions.

The next exciting technology which may serve to redefine surgery in the chest is robotic surgery. This modality can allow even the most major operations to be done by small punctures.


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