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Initial Evaluation

What can you expect at your first visit?

If your problem is located on your legs, please bring a pair of shorts to allow a complete examination. If your problem veins are located on your face, neck, or upper body please do not wear make-up so a complete evaluation can be done.

Upon your arrival to the office you will be asked to provide some basic demographic information. If you would like to complete this information prior to your visit to expedite the registration process, you may print and complete the form below and bring it with you to the office. You may also complete the form online.

A nurse will take a history of your vein problems and photograph the areas of concern. The physician will then review the history and examine the areas involving your venous problem. This exam may also involve the use of a duplex scan machine, which will allow us to find frequent “hidden” causes of the veins you see on the surface. The duplex scan is not an x-ray, but thru the use of sound waves can allow us to look at the veins underlying the skin. It is this type of detailed examination that will allow us to outline the most appropriate treatment. By identifying the underlying cause of your venous problem we give you the best treatment and cosmetic results, while limiting the chance of recurrence. At the completion of your first visit you will know the treatments, which will be required to resolve your vein problem. You will also receive a cost estimate of the treatments if it is a “non-insurance” covered problem.


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