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What is a MicroLaser Peel?

MicroLaser Peel precisely removes the outmost layers of skin. The Erbium laser allows precision control and computer-guided laser pulsing to ensure the skin is not “over-treated” a problem that can occur with some deep chemical peels and CO2 lasers. The Sciton Erbium laser used in our office allows blending of treated areas to non treated areas to prevent demarcation lines or the tell-tail signs of other peels.

MicroLaser Peels can address : - fine wrinkles - scars - sun damage - keratoses

What can I expect?

Smoother more healthy appearance to the skin. Improved texture and less prominence of skin pores which occurs with aging and sun damage.

Do I need anesthesia ?

No, topical agents applied 30 - 45 minutes prior are all that is needed. ( Agents like Emla, Ela-Max, or Betacaine )

What do I have to do after the treatment?

We use barrier ointments like Gentile Healing cream from La Roche or Aquafore. This ointments are used for 2-3 days than you can resume make-up.

What is the healing process?

Healing time can vary between patients, but generally immediately post procedure you will appear to have a bad sunburn. Day 2, peeling of the old surface layers of skin will begin and may continue thru day 3. Redness will start to fade around day 3 and can be covered by make-up. Continued improvement in skin texture and smoothness will occur over the next 2 weeks to 1 month.

How long can I expect the result to last?

Certainly avoiding recurring skin damage by guarding against sunburn will prolong the result, however one treatment generally is sufficient for 6 - 12 months. More sever initial damaged skin may require a package of 3- 4 treatments to peel away the damage, but this is not typical.

Examples of MicroLaser Peel

    Before         Immediatly After    1 Month After


         Before          1 Week After    

     a 25 micron peel



Before and After 5  10 micron peels

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