We are venous care in the Philadelphia Area!

Welcome to Delaware Valley Vein Centers, established in 2001 as a distinct portion of Dr. Flanaganís Surgical Practice. Delaware Valley Vein Centers consists of complete Vascular Care, which includes both arterial and venous disease management. We are versed in minimal invasive treatments for venous and arterial disease. Dr. Flanagan is a Fellow of the American College of Surgery, director of Vascular Services at Mercy Suburban Hospital, on staff at Montgomery Hospital and President Elect of the Delaware Valley Vascular Society which represents the Philadelphia area.

Delaware Valley Vein Centers is dedicated to the treatment of venous disease which includes, spider veins , facial veins, large and small varicose veins. Leg swelling and edema, skin ulcerations and skin pigment changes that are associated with venous disease are also treated. We offer therapeutic and aesthetic solutions. It is no longer necessary to suffer with painful veins or hide your legs!

We are able to provide this complete care in the comfort and privacy of our office center. There is no need for surgical centers or outpatient hospital centers. No need for exposure to the risk associated with anesthesia.

Not all treatments involve procedures. It is important you receive a complete evaluation to identify the underlying problem so proper care and a positive result will be obtained.


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